Our Practice

Not For Profit

Our attorneys represent individual donors, private foundations and public charities, including charitable trusts, grant-making organizations, museums, theater companies, music and arts associations, educational organizations, and other advocacy groups. Our services include:

• Preparing applications and formation documents in order to obtain state and federal tax-exempt status, including 501(c)(3) qualification;
• Drafting and negotiating endowment, affiliation, fund-raising, and other agreements;
• Structuring gifts, grants, and other charitable giving to comply with all regulations and to meet an organization’s financial goals;
• Advising tax-exempt organizations on governance issues, such as fiduciary duties of board members and officers, charters, indemnification rights, and conflict of interest issues;
• Preparing and structuring policies for tax-exempt organizations, including by-laws, conflict of interest policies, compensation policies, and investment policies;
• Providing general corporate services (see Corporate section).